A new look blog!

It has been a real learning curve starting this blog and I have really enjoyed adding new posts. However, I have found myself very frustrated with the limitations of wordpress in terms of layout and have made the decision to move my blog over to a new one here where I intend to post frequent updates and images from now on. I’m sorry for this confusion but I am keen to get the look and feel of my blog right from the start so feel I want to make this switch now, while it is still in it’s early stages.

I really appreciate those who have subscribed to this blog, it is much appreciated – and I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow me and subcribe over at my new blog. Hope to see you there!

Track record

A sudden heavy snow shower a couple of weeks ago left the car park of my local supermarket completely white briefly. The tracks left by the first few cars, people and trolleys caught my eye, and I spent the next 15 minutes making these images (with some strange looks from shoppers) before the tarmac turned black one again. I particularly liked how transient these marks and shapes were, gone almost as soon as they were created.

Twelve favourite images from 2010

Well, I thought a good way to start this new blog (and new year) would be to have a look back at 2010 and choose my favourite 10 images from last year. Actually I found this sufficiently difficult that I ended up making it my favourite 12 images!

Last year was an extremely busy and very productive year for me thanks in no small part to the support of Iona and the boys as always. It saw me shooting a wide range of locations, local and further afield, and moving in new directions in terms of subject matter. Of course, my passion for the unique light, landscape and details of northern Scotland is as strong as ever and always will be, but I have also found myself drawn much more to human environments. Inspired by the work of great masters such as Bernd & Hilla Becher and Keld Helmer-Petersen, I have been enjoying exploring man-made structures, especially functional, everyday and industrial buildings. A few of these appear in my top 12.

Towards the end of the 2010 I also decided to focus my photography a bit more, and started a number of projects, ongoing photographic essays on specific themes (such as Structures) – but more about those in future posts.

Anyway, enough words from me for just now, time for some images – here are my 12 personal favourites from 2010, in no particular order. These images were not shot for any commercial reasons, just purely for personal enjoyment – I hope you enjoy them too!


PURPLE TIDE – Soothing colours in tidal pools on the island of Iona at dusk.

WINTER WOODLAND – Fresh snowfall on birch trees near home.

OVERPASS ANGLES – Exploring the colours and angles of this pathway over the railway in Alloa, it reminded me of a giant graph.

RIVER GALAXY – Swirling waters in the River Affric.

SAFE HAVEN – Simple harbour abstract at Gardenstown in the north-east.

BEECH IN SNOW – Caked in snow after a blizzard, a tangle of branches.

AUTUMN CHAOS – Grand old beech tree up Strath Conon in early November.

BIG INDUSTRY – Wonderful metal patterns at the enormous oil refinery in Grangemouth.

SPRING GIANT – another beech tree twisting upwards in glorious green.

STEPS AND SHADOWS – Simple detail playing with the patterns on an everyday storage tank in Inverness.

BAY AT THE BACK OF THE OCEAN – A wonderful name for this sweeping bay on the west coast of the island of Iona.

WINTER DELICACY – Snow picking out the beautiful shapes of larch branches.

Please feel free to add a comment and let me know what you think, which ones you like (or don’t like!), and many thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you all a great 2011,


A new year and a new blog!

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog which I hope to update regularly with new images and details of what I’ve been up to, what projects I’m working on, events that I’m involved with, and my reflections on photography.

Coming soon – my favourite 10 images from 2010!

Thanks again and all the best,


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